Monday, April 11, 2011

Memorable scenes from The Acting Wheel

Things we'll remember for a while, with a shout-out to the guys who created history!
 let us know if you agree, disagree or feel that we've left anyone out!
  • Jerry Maguire - Show Me the Money. Sahar's rendition of Cuba Gooding Jr's character was awesome! Her energy was contagious and she BECAME all about Show Me the MONEY!

  • When Harry Met Sally - Fake Orgasm scene. Role Reversal! Khurram played Sally and Shazaf played Harry. Who else would've dared to fake an orgasm in the middle of 30 strangers? Quite unforgettable :P
  • Legally Blonde - courtoom scene. This little girl was AWESOME. She played Elle Woods' character - a blonde who's anything but dumb, and stole the show with her rendition of the climatic speech which won her the case!
  • Lord of the Rings - Gollom. This was inspired and almost transcendental in it's other-worldliness. Out of nowhere, we had a new performer go into Gollom's character and make it his own!
  • Twilight: When Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire (can't find a better picture of this :(). This was the first time that we really saw (and fell in love with, theatrically speaking) Akbar! He played the vampire Edward who's rather desi and not terrifying at all! Very memorable and funny - especially supported by the very funny german guest who had joined us that day!

  • Dead Poet's Society - the barbaric yawp. I was in awe of these two guys! One played the professor, Robin William's character, and the other played the student. They were so good that they almost didn't even have to look at the lines! Bravo :)
  • Acting Games:
  • Auntie and cop in traffic. We've had many amazing improv scenes, and these are only a few of them. This particular sequence was particularly hilarious - especially Salman's acting! He played an auntie who breaks a traffic signal and is adamant on not admitting her mistake to the greedy cop.

    • Guy who finds out his wife's cheating on him. This (by now) famous improv scene made Aadi famous! He played a husband who is distraught by his wife cheating on him, and a scene between him and his ex-girlfriend ensued which had somewhat not-so-straight turns :P

      • Courting 101: We had this improv scene during the Actor's Nightmare game in the 4th act-up. The script was with the girl, and the guy had to improvise. Another very memorable scene by Akbar and Kiran, who was the indignant girl.


      1. I would have added, Romeo and Juliet Scene. Also the party game, that was amazing fun. Some other scene's like the Matrix which i believe Imran Hafiz was a part of, that was great. Also Mind your language was alot of fun at times.
        Not to forget "Friends" which was used in the earlier Act Ups that was fun for those that witnessed the performance and the performers as well.
        There were many great performances, and InshAllah more to come!

        Nice post by the way Nausheen!