Thursday, April 21, 2011

5th time's a charm

5th act-olution tonight, and it was a blast :) Just the right kind of audience - lots of participation and some absolutely mesmerizing acting! (Kudos to all those who had the guts and the glory to act!! :))

Ok, so you can only see guys in that pic. There was gender diversity too, prawmiss :)

We started off with a quick favorite ice breaker - whoozit! We've tried this with 14 year olds, and with 20 somethings, and this works each time! It's basically a guess who's the leader game, with the leader doing all kinds of random movements which the entire group follows! Looked something like this:

we moved onto the foreign film exercise, where we had to translate gibberish! Always gets people excited :) we did a few interesting scenes from movies: the intro scene from Scream - played by two girls! (That's one of the things that I personally love about the wheel - how we can change gender roles and achieve something in a scene that was never there in the original movie :)) We spoiled Fight Club for some people after that - because we did the ending scene which revealed the mystery behind the entire movie! We did scenes from the chick flicks He's Just Not That Into You, Reality Bites, and the oldie Ghostbusters!

We broke the tempo with some more games, and got a surprise hit with the Alphabet Game! We heard interesting conversations about unicorns and zebras and lots of xylophones. We also did scenarios with funny sounds - people mistook whistles for dogs and ambulance sounds for...not quite sure what. Hit though, and quite a ladder-up on our usual simple scenarios :)

Khurram led an awesome emotional orchestra - a replica of what Blackfish used to do in some of their gigs too :)

We finished the act-up with more scenes - Good Will Hunting, a second scene from He's Just Not That Into You, a monologue from The Network (the performance of the night) and the intro scene from Yes Man! Our audience was so awesome that they didn't wanna leave!! We ended up doing our bonus scene as well as all the scenarios we had planned :)

Check out the video of our emotional orchestra trial before the audience got into it :)
The best thing about the act-up I think was the audience this time! We had a super quiet, super respectful and yet very responsive audience, who loved making weird sounds, encouraging people during brain hiccups, and loved applauding awesome performances!

Keep coming back for the wheel :) =)


  1. haha, awesome post! Kinda feels like I was there....oh wait I was. Score!

  2. This is super cool. I am definitely attending this !

  3. hey, you're just in time for our 6th act-up this thursday at t2f :)