Friday, May 6, 2011

6th act-up and some experimentation!

So we thought we'd shake things up a bit with the 6th act-up. We got a GREAT turn out this time - the best so far - we counted 57 people at one point I believe. That's *almost* too many - and by the end of the night, a number of them hadn't had a chance to act. That was a bit regrettable - but more on that later =)

We started the 6th act-olution off with the classic ice-breaker zip zap zoop. It's simple - person X zips person Y, who zaps and gets zopped by his/her neighbors.

We wanted to experiment with some new and fresh stuff. So we had Q, our co-founder and resident yoga student to lead the group into some breathing exercises. The main aim was to help people relax and focus a bit. We like to think it worked and there weren't too many snickers :P

(That's some alternate nostril breathing. They're NOT collectively picking their noses :P)

We had a yelling exercise - divided the group into two and got the to yell out their names as loud as they could. The reward for getting your name heard? The people whose names we heard got their first pick of the scenes that we were to perform, Who woulda thought yelling gets people really happy and high :D

We took a lot of ideas that we'd been getting over the last two weeks from the wheelers and implemented them this time! We got Ibrahem giving us the idea that we should pay a tribute to honor the late and great Moin Akhtar, so we started off with a skit that he had done back in the day. Sharik - a newcomer to the wheel - took on the role of Satan, and we had a very unscared host :)

We had some scripts with clips this time - we played the clip and asked people to do their own versions of the scripts! We did Erin Brocovich, The Invention of Lying, and two comedy skits.

We quickly broke the tempo with some games - create your own ad! (Another idea contributed by Akbar)

We finished off with a teaser from an upcoming play in which two of the wheelers are performing this weekend - The Office! It was a special teaser just for The Acting Wheel - and we got tickets at a great discount too :D

-nausheen, on behalf of the acting wheel :)

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