Saturday, March 12, 2011

2nd act-up! We're just getting started :D

The 2nd act-up of The Acting Wheel brought in some wacky acting, some screaming, lots of gesturing, and a fake orgasm or too. But more on that later.

The evening started with funny intros, which are quickly becoming a tradition here at the Wheel. Boring intros? Not for us. At the launch, we did interesting voices with the intros. This time, we tried doing funny walks, and people rose to the occasion! We got a ducky walk, a twirl, a stomping, a sitting walk, a lazy keeps on going. (Next time we'll make sure we record some of these spontaneous gems!)

The best thing about the 2nd act-up was the spontaneity that we saw with people. It's absolutely fascinating and awesome to see people leave inhibitions behind, and bring their uniqueness to performances. (Keep in mind that NONE of us are professional actors!) A sneak into the myraid of emotions that we saw during the night:

After the intros, we went into a quick acting exercise. These are a big hit with the Wheeling audience. Khurram and I had come up with this on our own: it's a version of dumb charades where the actors are given unique characters and roles to play out. For instance, we had an aunty looking for rishtas for her son. An aunty buying lawn at a crowded exhibition. A little child being bullied in her sandbox. A politician asking people for votes. We let people talk, but the most enterprising ones didn't want to use words at all!

Irsa the out-of-breath olympic runner
We went straight into acting after that. We did famous movie scenes this time, so Jerry Maguire's Show me the money, Juno telling her best friend she's pregnant, the iconic The Matrix's red pill/blue pill scene, When Harry Met Sally's unforgettably funny fake orgasm scene and the scene where Harry is sure that they can't ever be friends. We even tried our hand at sappy films like Titanic's first scene with Jack and Rose and Twilight's chick-worthy scene where Bella first finds out Edward is a vampire. We also did a great monologue from 100 Girls (which you have to check out here)

The most surprising script that we did was Mind Your Language's first episode - not because it was funny (that was expected), but because so many people had requested us to do it and were really looking forward to it!

The Matrix with Morpheus and Neo
Khurram being a male Sally, doing the fake orgasm
The audience, somewhat captivated :)
We sneaked in another acting exercise in the middle of all the acting. We tried a famous acting game, called the Party game. There're a bunch of guests who are given funny and quirky roles to mime out, and the host guesses who is trying to be whom.

Trying to hold a large piano, sleeping while talking, and surfing!
Our hosts did a great job - they didn't lose focus while people kept dancing around them acting out strange things, and guessed almost all their guests' roles!

We'll have more of these sessions in the weeks to come Insha'Allah! To make sure you don't miss the next act-up, join us at!

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