Friday, March 25, 2011

3rd Act-olution! Part 1: The acting intros, whoozit, and an inappropriate wizard

A day after the Pakistani Cricket team thrashed the West Indies by 10 wickets, and on the day the Australians were finally sent packing from the World Cup, having been in every Final since 1996, a strong group of 40 amateur actors made the Second Floor (T2F) their stage.

A couple of them were so eager and more importantly ‘punctual’ that they were present before the official start time of for the Acting Wheel’s 3rd Act-olution. Pleasantly surprised Nausheen, Q and I were, to find new faces in the audience, as well as those that have been with us from the start of The Acting Wheel. Special shout-out to our old wheelers - Annie (Happy Birthday by the way), Sahar, Kiran, Salman, Hassan (2 of em)  and Akbar. And as King Theodan of Rohan standing at Helms staring deep at the Uruk Hai that had been made for one purpose, that being to end the reign of men, aptly substituted by the most hard working ‘co-founder’ of the Acting Wheel, Nausheen, she(most likely) thought to herself ‘And so it begins’. Not to say that she is a ‘King’ or those that attended were Uruk Hai, it’s just that the Lord of the Rings was on the agenda, and ‘Gollum’(done expertly by Shehzad Ghias) unveiled that battle for his mind.

Very smooth and welcoming ‘Welcome’ by Nausheen followed by the group showing how much they hated singing out their name, when they chose to act out what they did to make a living. We had some inappropriate guesses for ‘job descriptions’ as well as some very daring people crawling to depict Wild Life conservationists (thank you Soha and Konouz) as well as the ingenious reading a book to depict a student(awesome IBA student Hassan) and how can you forget the guy that made us think we were all squares.

We moved on to the first acting exercise/game of the day ‘Whoozit’. Now this game showed how much talent the Acting Wheelers (I prefer calling you all Spokes, but the jury is still out on that one) have for a show called ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’(seriously Kiran some of those move’s were hard for the Men to do). Some of the contortions had the ‘Seeker’(the person that had to find the choreographer in a pool of people who were totally doing their own ‘thang’) acting or feeling like Homer Simpson screaming ‘DoH’. However it has to be mentioned, Qutub and Khurram (ME) succeeded in finding the leader while Nausheen did not (muahahahahahaahahaha, I guess the two of us are very observant).

After that came our ‘Wheeler’s’ rendition of ‘Mind Your Language’, followed by myself trying to be a Scarecrow, while Nausheen (minus the shiny red slippers and Toto) was Dorothy in a scene from Wizard of Oz (has to be mentioned that there were a couple ‘Oh Ohs’ that were in that scene that Nausheen and I found inappropriate, the audience had cleaner minds me thinks).

More to come on The Acting Wheel - stay tuned for what other scripts we did, and a few surprises that even we didn't plan for!

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