Sunday, March 27, 2011

3rd Act-olution: Part II: dudes with no car, william wallace and 10 things you do not hate about the acting wheel

We did Dude Where’s my Car next - thank you to Akbar and Kiran for being Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott, while Soha was Mr. Pizzacoli and the awesome twins withholding their ‘gift’ were played by Konouz and Taha Mirza. Braveheart was next, and Anthony Galli - a fellow RJ at Radio 1 fm91 - gave a crack at being ‘William Wallace’(he would have made Mel Gibson proud, I thought so anyway) while Ayesha was a young soldier and Vaqas was Lochlan (greedy feudal lord!).

10 things I hate about You was next and Sahar showed that Julia Stiles ‘aint got nothing on her’(mmmhmmmm with some attitude)! Hyra showed that she can be ‘Bianca’ (and act as if she had a belly) and Hareem (who was there for such a short time) was her bestie ‘Chastity’. The Daddy figure who gave em ideas was played by Vaqas. After that we were treated to an imaginary sword fight, while I was sitting beside Salman (our wonderful photographer- check his stuff out at He made interesting lightsaber noises while we did the famous Star Wars scene which gave birth to the line "Luke, I am your father". The two boys who were Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker did an awesome job. Although being a Star Wars fan, I can't believe you two had not seen the movie!

After the 1st set of Scripts, we took a short breather to go straight into more Acting exercises. This time we went for some improv, and man we saw some awesome stuff. There were the Monosyllabic Zombies and a singing victim, a ‘Tulla’ who did not want to be touched by a ‘lady driver’ who was very touchy, plus a innocent bystander that had to get involved (well done to Maliha, Annie, A dude who’s name I don’t know sowy, Akbar, Salman and Shz). There were also fake motorcyclists who were Uber happy about the Pakistan victory and even more happy about Konouz limping around with one shoe on her foot and the other in her hand, screaming (through the laughter, I can only guess) ‘Badtameez’. Then that Man sitting in the ‘Friend Zone’ was shown that hey you can break that Barrier! It can be broken, yes it can, it is true. Aadi Adeal was disgusted to find out via email that his spouse was cheating on him and called on his Best Friend (Taha Mirza, who had grand plans of taking advantage of his friends ‘shock’) and the rest they say is not PG 13. I have to say one of the most enjoyable performances of the night. (big round of applause for Taha Mirza and Aadi Adeal!)

After the wonderful ‘Improv’ came some more scenes, including more of Mr. Brown and Ali Nadeem, as well as Dr. Evil and his Son Scott Evil (well done Anthony and Qutub) telling the ‘Therapist’ (Kiran, wonder if Kabeer ever has to do that?) about their relationship. Then we had Billy Crystal Analyze That, that being Robert De Niro. Ibrahim I believe was playing the former mob boss ‘Paul Vitti’. Then came a great rendition of a blonde lawyer, from Legally Blonde, played by Amtul, who struggled on the thioglycocate(I struggle in spelling it) but excelled in convincing the Jury(in this case the audience) that she’s got some SKILLS! And Sahar doing well as the witness whose lie about a perm got her in handcuffs. Vaqas again played a major role, by being that dude who only had a line or two in the scene, well done bro lol! The Night ended with Gollum, and he summed up what the Acting Wheel has become……..Precious!!!

I had a great time, and for those that couldn’t make it, come NEXT TIME -check out our Facebook page, Nausheen and Qutub thank you thank you and thank you for all the hard work you two put in, in making the Acting Wheel happen. Maliha you helped this time as well, for which I am grateful.Till Next time! As the Grateful Dead would sing it….The wheel is turning and you can't slow down, you can't let go and you can't hold on, you can't go back and you can't stand still,(my line) but you can join it if you WILL!

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