Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have we started spinning yet?

It was the winter of 2010. Well, as much winter as Karachi qualifies for anyway. We weren't friends before we all auditioned for a little-known play that hit Karachi in Feb '10 called Play it Again, Sam. The play itself was a bit too esoteric for Karachi, and never quite made it mainstream. We had an incredible time though, and made some friends for life.

Flash forward a few months later, we realised that there wasn't really a drama club in Karachi where people could meet, act out regularly, get tips and advice on acting and generally let off steam and have FUN while acting! There really wasn't a place for amateur actors. Just professional performers and audiences. We decided it was time to break the divide, and let the amateur acting enthusiast who sits on the sidelines get centerstage for a change. We created the Acting Wheel!

Who're we? Well we call ourselves sheen, khurram and q. You may meet us if you come to one of our regular acting meet-ups. One of us is incredibly funny, one is a bit goofy, and one is eccentric. All of us LOVE acting and love being in the spotlight. But don't worry, if you show up, we'll try to give you some space in the limelight too ;)

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