Saturday, February 26, 2011

The launch, from Khurram's world

On the 24th of February, a Thursday at around the countdown to the launch of the Acting wheel began. At while counting 10 backwards in my head, Qutub ‘Q’ Mulla officially launched the Acting Wheel with an introduction, in which he graciously thanked all those that attended as well as the Second Floor for providing the place for launching a drama/acting club in Karachi.

With all the niceties over, work began, as our Wheel was launching in the stratosphere, we Zip’d Zap’d and Zoop’d some laughs as those who attended, mostly strangers took part in a bizarre game and showed how hard it was to learn and co-ordinate a few hand movements. Slowly but surely our little circle of Zooper’s were counted down, some unhappy at the unfairness of their dismissal and wanting a review (sorry Shazaf! Little to quick with the good bye I was) but unfortunately the ICC rules did not apply to the Acting Wheel.

Then we all got to know each other, ‘teacher’(actually co-founder) Nausheen got the attendees to stand up and introduce themselves to the circle of ppl that surrounded them, all with a different emotion and one who was so enthusiastic decided not to sweep others off their feet, rather himself (good on Vaqas for taking his fall in stride).

Once we all got to hear each others name once, the readings began. A strong group of over 20 people divided into 2 groups, with 2 ‘Friends’ scripts, and went on to allow their expression be voiced out! A fun encounter to see how the attendees remembered their favorite Friends characters, I got to play Pheobe!

With the 1st read done, the group was fused together again to act out in one big group some more exercises, beginning with people making up their own sounds/language and others translating for them in English. This exercise dubbed ‘foreign film’ brought about even more laughs and also showed the importance of a group standing together had more fun then when apart. Following the ‘foreign film’ exercise, a crude attempt at Whose Line is it Anyway followed! (we have to get better at that).

On to the next read, and even though ‘How I met your Mother’ is a popular TV series, this group showed that meeting anyone’s mother can become dull (sorry mom’s). Nonetheless re-enacting ‘Friends’ brought back the fun, and on came the enthusiastic attendees all wanting to ‘Act’ more.

Some great suggestions were given at the end of the Launch, and overall the experience for myself, Nausheen and Qutub was that of a ‘job well done’ and ‘baby we are in for a fun ride’.

We know that the only way to go in terms of improvement is up, and we hope that those that attended will spread the word, and get more people to join the Acting Wheel. For all those interested, is the place to check out.

Lastly, a thank you for the team at the Second Floor, especially Mariam and Sabeen, for helping Nausheen, Qutub and myself host, improve and hold the Acting Wheel at the T2F. Their support will help this drama club for all those interested in Acting in Karachi go a long way. Till the next session…..keep Acting! The Wheel is picking up momentum! And inshAllah will keep on rolling! *insert the Sons of Rock song. - Keep on Rollin’

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