Sunday, February 20, 2011

inventing the wheel

We had to get the word out there. We at The Acting Wheel felt that we were on to something big and just had to share it with other people interested in acting in Karachi. We logged onto the magical world of facebook, and set this up. We did the usual - invited our own friends, asked them to invite theirs, and generally put blind faith in the wonderful power of social media.

We set up the page, sent out invites and clicked refresh. Every fifteen minutes. (Rather uncannily like the ending scene of The Social Network actually).

It worked.

Within a day we were at 20 odd people. That seems small, but think about it. A day earlier we were just theory on paper. (Well on a laptop, we try to be green when we can. More on that dilemma later). A day later, we had atleast 17 seemingly sound-minded people interested in what we were saying.

We were as excited as a bunch of six year olds discovering teenage mutant ninja turtles for the first time.
From that point on, there was no looking back :)
Join us to see what the drama's all about (literally)

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