Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the test drive at the Wheel

We had a helluva pre-launch. I used to use the word helluva in the 90s, and it somehow seemed fit to use here. We had to take the concept for a test drive. We had to find out whether we were the only ones excited by the acting wheel. Fortunately, at least that Thursday in Karachi, we weren't the only ones.

We had the pre-launch at t2f. But ofcourse :) (There's no other place like it that fosters thought and creativity in Pakistan). We put up a Facebook invite and started frantically inviting all we thought would like the wheel. all who we knew and those who they knew and then some who they knew they knew. (This links nicely to one of the FRIENDS episodes that we did, but more on that later :))

The agenda was simple!
  1. Get the word out
  2. Get some people interested in acting together
  3. Act out some episodes of FRIENDS!
 We got about 16 people at the event - and got started on some acting exercises. Some people said they'd only come to watch - but by the end of the evening, we'd made Pheobes and Monicas out of them :D We got lucky in our choice of episodes - The One With The Stoned Guy is an old classic and can't go wrong!

A moment to appreciate the magic that is FRIENDS. I can't imagine another TV show for our generation that EVERYONE seems to know. That really works to your advantage when it comes to spontaneous acting - because even the shyest person in the room has probably already seen FRIENDS, and feels like it's something they can relate to.

I believe we created a bit of magic at the pre-launch. My personal favourite moment was when people jumped at the chance to be Pheobe, or Joey, or Chandler. And when we did the very funny scene between Joey and Ross, with people chuckling in the middle. What's more interesting was that a very shy guy was playing Ross' character, which meant that he was even more shy about the whole talking dirty thing.

We got a sign-up sheet full of names and email addresses, and a very happy q, bogey and sheen at the end. The main feedback that we got was that we should have more acting exercises and we've taken that to heart for the launch (scheduled this week). If you want to attend the launch, there's still time - register yourself at http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=184203984950658.

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