Friday, February 25, 2011

Putting The Wheel in Motion!

We launched The Acting Wheel last night (24th Feb) at t2f. We received an overwhelming response as dozens of people (23 to be exact) came to talk, laugh and act with us. Here's how the day went:

We started off with some zip zap zoop - this acting exercise that gets people to instantly break the ice, and it worked! :)

With everyone's spirits high post-zip zap zoop, we split up into two smaller groups and acted out two Friends episodes simultaneously - The One Where Everyone Finds Out, and The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy. We even found someone to act as Ross who had never seen Friends before! (Didn't know anyone like that even existed :))


Right after the scripts were done, we kept things moving by doing more acting exercises - which everyone was very excited about! We did some Whose Line Is It Anyway, followed by the Foreign Film exercise. Lots of random words (yabba dabba doos) were spoken and inappropriately interpreted :)

We then did bits from How I Met Your Mother - the Slap Bet, and a third Friends episode - The One Where Ross is Fine.

We wrapped up with lots of thanks, some feedback and hopefully some people who will stick around and keep the wheel turning! (pun intended :P)
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